The role of the audience

I guess it is more or less a follow up of my previous blog. Seeing the non-linear texture in a comic book narrative is pretty new for me. Personally I am not that big a comic book buff. But yes seeing the role of the viewer in comic book like non-linear narrative is interactive enough for me to get me interested. I feel that such a narration leaves a lot of room for the viewer in terms of construction of narrative. The audience now has a say in not just the discourse but also the course of the story as well. The audience’s imagination is well ignited to fill in the blanks between each frames. However the question of how effective the narration is still rests with the author. The author has to carefully study the kind of narrative that can be generated by the audience’s imagination and random connections. Also he has to keep in mind to control the narrative from looking too absurd or too constricted. In essence the author is reduced to be a designer of a non linear platform for a linear imagination and choice making.  With regards to Slippery Traces, I encountered this website with a similar underlying mathematical engine running underneath. I have posted the link before and I do it again – This website is basically an interactive online radio where you can choose the mood, genre, and period of the music you want to listen too. The site then displays a weblike connections of seemingly unrelated songs but with an underlying, mathematically calculated relations between them. As you click on the next track, more branching will appear with related connections. Well interested me here was the question that like visual media, can an aural media be made into an interactive non-linear narrative form. All said, it is a nice way to discovery new music!!! trust me


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  1. alex says:

    Don’t worry, I saw this entry… I graded it along with the previous entry. 🙂

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