media and medium

What can you do in hypertext media thats you cannot do in the print media….. thought I would comment on it even though there has been considerable debate on it during the class. One thing I notitced after all the debate in the class is the relationship between the text and the instrument of implementation (the media and the medium).

Immersiveness and interactivity are interconnected. While we can have a linear text and be still immersive, I believe that a non-linear interactive medium demands ‘immersivity’. While the same text can be related in a multiple way through multiple medium, for a particular text to be immersive enough, there has to be a cohesion between the text and medium and method of discourse. In particular relation to hypertext, I believe that a hypertext novel defiles this cohesion and hence is not immersive enough and engaging enough. Print media seems to be more suited for non-interactive text, although I do not deny the fact that print media can be made ‘technically interactive’. Written text is almost more apt for non-interactive linear story telling although again we can make it ‘technically interactive’ when translated into hypertext. However once made interactive, such media looses that immersive’ness’ that would have been otherwise present.

Along the same line, I believe that visual and aural text, particularly pictures and movies are more apt for interactive story telling as it retains the immersive’ness’ that it possessed prior to being ‘hacked and chopped’ in order to make it non- linear and interactive. It was very much evident in our project demonstration today.


One Response to media and medium

  1. alex says:

    Interesting concept, that non-linear interactive media require “immersivity”. I’m not sure I agree, but I think it depends on how you define immersion. For the user/reader to be able to make a choice, don’t they have to step back from the narrative and think about what to do next? Doesn’t this need to step back by definition break immersion? In a movie, for example, you are completely immersed in the story, forgetting that you’re in a movie theatre. Playing a game, on the other hand, requires that at certain points you stop “being” the character, and think about what decisions to make. At that point, you’re out of the narrative and making game choices…

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